Cotton double-sided masks Victoria line

This line of masks has been made with the precious Tana Lawn™ Cotton of Liberty London. Pure cotton fabrics that have exceptional characteristics of freshness, comfort, and durability. These fabrics enhance the colours and prints making them extremely bright. They are light, fresh as linen but soft as silk, Queen Elizabeth is among their fans!

Victoria and Victoria Mix masks

Victoria masks are...

  • liberty london reusable mask limited edition logo A LIMITED EDITION - In order to award uniqueness and prestige, Paolin has been making 24 masks at most with each combination of fabrics.
  • liberty london reusable mask logo REUSABLE - A more ecological solution than disposable masks. It reduces material waste and limits the problematic complexity of disposing of non-recyclable disposable masks.
  • liberty london tana lawn cotton mask logo 100% COTTON - Masks are made with 2 plies of 100% cotton fabrics. The excellent breathability of the materials makes them comfortable to use even in the summer.
  • liberty london washable mask logo WASHABLE - It is necessary to wash masks immediately after each use, either by hand or in the washing machine at 40°C with normal laundry detergent. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry, preferably in the sun. Complete the cleaning process by ironing - Select the iron set to match the correct temperature for the cotton (Make sure that the iron does not come into contact with the elastic cords).
  • liberty london reversible double sided mask logo REVERSIBLE - It is possible to wear masks on both sides. To ensure maximum hygiene, it is important to wear them on the same side until the end of use. To use them again and change sides: wash and iron.
  • liberty london adaptable mask logo ADAPTABLE - Thanks to the elastic and adjustable cords masks have good adherence and adapts easily to the different types of face. The cords can be easily replaced. The help of a safety needle will make the process easier!
  • liberty london essential covid masks logo ESSENTIAL BUT... - Designed for protection in communal settings, they must be used in association with other prevention and protection measures. It is important to keep the social distancing - Do not touch the nose, mouth, and eyes - Wash your hands often with soap or sanitizing products and follow attentively governmental guidelines.


Victoria masks have...

  • filter pocket logo liberty london masks A FILTER POCKET - For greater protection, masks are provided with an opening that allows you to insert protective filters (filters not included).
  • anti-fog anti-tarnishing masks system logo AN ANTI-FOG SYSTEM - To prevent the lenses of the glasses from tarnishing during use, one could fold the upper side of the masks inwards.
    glasses anti-fog mask system logo
    The mask should be worn with the side of the highest height placed upwards. For a better fit and to prevent the lenses of the glasses from fogging, fold the upper part of the fabric inwards.
    filter pocket covid mask system logo
    The pocket on the bottom allows you to insert the filter and to regulate or replace the elastic cords.