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Francesca Paolin

    Paolin is a body decoration brand which, with 3D technology, implements alternative materials combined with a deep, artisanal approach to define a new concept of jewellery.

    Francesca, the Italian designer behind the label, following a Masters in Fashion Design at Domus Academy and experiences working abroad, from the UK to Ecuador, decided to direct her creativity towards this project which melts the exotic styles with contemporary design. The design is structured and moves forward the concept of hand-craft, developing traditional cultural elements such as Venetian embroidery, that forms a foundation for more dramatic shapes and unique colour combinations, adding a quirky twist. 

    In collaboration with some dearest frieds and Grialaltro store, here online store is now a concept store. 

    Francesca grew up amidst the excessive fashions of the 80s and the reactive minimalism of the 90s. Francesca has been feeding her passion for fashion observing her mother hand making garments, knitting and making extremely feminine embroideries as learnt from aristocratic Venetian ladies. Seeing her father wearing farm clothing, or his funny "elegant" outfits mixing the modern with the old. This sense of style has been further developed by Francesca's travels and work experience abroad, where she observed people wearing their own traditional clothing mixed in with other cultures resulting in unique and eclectic looks.

    Thanks to her background and talent, the Domus Academy offered Francesca a bursary for a Masters in Fashion Design. Her experience spans both major, internationally recognized fashion companies, as well as niche high end British luxury Designers.

              Awards and Highlights

              2019 - exhibit at Artistar Jewels, Milan. Published in the book ArtistarJewelsREAD MORE...

              2017 - Prized at Form, by the German Crafts Association, Frankfurt

              2017 - exhibited Tendenze Frankfurt in the Talents Area among the most interesting new designers

              2017 - Won Homi Maker Design Award, exhibited in the Sperimenta area at Homi fair, Milan

              2017 - Selected for Fashion Spy area at Top Drawer London - as of the very best international jewellery and accessories brands

              2015 - Moto GP grid-girls and hostesses outfit - selected by TIM to design grid-girls and hostesses outfits, of Moto GP of Italy and Moto GP of San Marino - READ MORE...

              2015 - Exhibited at Design and Life in Macao, Macao International Design Exhibition. Among the Italian designers to represent the "Made in Italy" by Sarpi Bridge Oriental Design Week - READ MORE...

              2011 - Won Levi's® Womenswear Award - Special prize for the best women collection at Mittelmoda The Fashion Awards by Mittelmoda International Lab

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