I was in Nepal, travelling in an old and heavy train, the insides were old-style sumptuous. We passed through a gorgeous wooden bridge, it seemed to be very fragile almost like lace, and too narrow for our train that got me thinking we would break it and fall down into the gorge. Anyway, I was annoyed as I wasn’t able to admire the bridge in all its beauty… The train kept going on, the journey was fantastic; the kind that brings you in peace with yourself and harmony with the world. Later,  we could admire the bridge from far and we carried on with our travel. The downtown looked more like a place in Latin America, the light and colours were astonishing, people and their clothing – if possible – even more. Some of them had African features and were wearing clothing made out of raw fabric, they had decorated the sides with some sort of stylized masks in satin fabric… and the alarm clock rang!